About us
Located in the Bekaa - Lebanon, managed by well-experienced professionals. Luxury art manufactures decorative porcelain and glass table ware such as dinner sets, tea set, plates, cups, vases, bowls, and mugs. After its recent establishment, Luxury Art grew allowing for an international scope by marketing the products throughout Lebanon, as well as other foreign countries.

Become nationally and internationally known to be the producer of the highest quality of glassware and porcelain ware, conveniently available to everyone.

Mission Statement
Luxury Art strives to achieve the highest levels of design and quality in Lebanon and worldwide, producing its glassware and porcelain ware in accordance to assurance standards, thus reaching full JOT delivery and accessibility to all customers. The company aims to have successful management, as well as a loyal taskforce that enjoys a positive work environment.

Contact us
Tel : 961 1 376 280/1/2 , Fax: 961 1 376283 P.O.BOX: 11-8137
Factory : bekaa - Lebanon
Tel : 961 8 622 223 Fax:961 8 622 224